Technical Info: Proper Wire Selection

Proper Wire Selection.
By: Kevin O’Connell, B&M Siren

Here’s a scenario that is all too often repeated:

I get a phone call from a perplexed person; “I just put a beacon on my ambulance, and it hardly turns!”

“The bulbs are dim, aren’t they?” I ask.

“Yeah, the bulbs are really dim! What’s wrong?” Or, “So and so put alternating flashing lights on my ladder truck and they stay on one side after a few minutes”.

I follow up with the next question:

“He mounted the flasher in the back of the rig, didn’t he?”, as if I already didn’t know.

“Well, yeah. But what’s that have to do with it?”


These, and many other ills from sluggish sirens to burned wiring can usually be blamed on the installer who failed to consider a few simple, but important factors.

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