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Physician’s Exchange, The history of a great ambulance company.

Physicians Exchange Inc Kansas City Missouri “The history of a great Ambulance Company” Mable Mallon was one of the first Red Cross nurses at Fort Riley during the WWI flu pandemic and missed coming down with the flu herself but during her time at Fort Riley she became a great card player. Physicians Exchange was…

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Federal Electronic Sirens

Federal’s ‘Director’ and ‘Interceptor’ Electronic Sirens By: Leslie Erlich So you found a 1970 Superior/Cadillac 54′ high headroom ambulance that is rusting away and you want to restore it to the way it was when it was new.   The beacon and siren are long gone but you have a idea of what type of warning…

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Clint Cole, “The one man Miller show”

Cole-Miller Coach Company. Clint Cole, “The one man Miller show” Born April 13, 1912 Clint passed away on March 22, 1995. Mr. Cole had previously worked for a Pratt & Whitney Company before venturing out to find work with A.J. Miller. Mr. Cole was originally hired by Leonard Robb who was the president of the…

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The Ugly Duckling, Part 1.

The Ugly Duckling.  A restoration adventure. By Dean Newman It all started in September of 2004.  I was browsing eBay and looking through the vehicles listed for sale.   I wasn’t actually looking for anything new, I just enjoy surfing the listings.  I had a small fleet of ’59 Cadillac’s in the garage already in varying…

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