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Customized Professional Cars

Customized Professional Cars By Louis C. Farah While the classic car world will always have those pristine factory stock and original cars as the foundation of the hobby, there is a completely different segment of collectible vehicle hobby that is just as strong as ever. In fact, it is this segment that receives just as…

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Drive it like you stole it.

One of the advantages of learning how to do a good chunk of the work on your own car is that when something does go wrong with it, you generally have some idea how to fix it yourself.  I’ve spent the last few years learning all sorts of fun skills that relate to my old…

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The Ugly Duckling, Part 1.

The Ugly Duckling.  A restoration adventure. By Dean Newman It all started in September of 2004.  I was browsing eBay and looking through the vehicles listed for sale.   I wasn’t actually looking for anything new, I just enjoy surfing the listings.  I had a small fleet of ’59 Cadillac’s in the garage already in varying…

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Joining the Club Circuit

Reprinted with permission from the November 2010 Issue of the “Professional Car Collector” magazine. The official publication of Professional Cars International. Car shows are no longer reserved for mainstream classics anymore. At least not in California. If it rolls and has an engine, it can be seen at a variety of venues throughout the year….

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