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Interested in contributing to the site?

Look, the idea here is really simple. Want to write for professionalcar.org? Send us some mail, and let us know what you’d like to write about and if your topic is relevant and interesting, then pretty much the answer is going to be yes. ;)

It’s really that easy.

If you’re interested in contributing some articles about Professional Cars, the Pro car hobby, People in the hobby, or even general car stuff that might be useful to the folks that visit here, we are always looking for new content for the site.  We are a community of ProCar enthusiasts, and the more folks that participate here, the better and move vibrant the community will become.  As we don’t really know each other yet, we are asking for any article contributions to be sent directly to the staff for a quick review/edit,  before they go live on the site.

It’s not a huge thing; we just want to get a flavor for your content and style of writing as we get to know each other.  After a few articles are finished and posted,  we will provide you a login to the site with full authoring permissions, so that your posts will go live immediately.

Obviously articles have to be written BY You, and we ask that anything you write for the site here is exclusive to this site for a while.  (We don’t want to have the same stuff that everyone else has.)  Also, we do not want or need articles that are filled with ads and links to other sites, or basic info that anyone can find with a quick Google search.  We are looking for original, interesting and exciting articles about the Professional car hobby, the people, and the passion that we have for these cars.  Proper attribution is important, and your work will always stay your work.  The copyright and rights are yours, you are just granting us the exclusive rights to feature it here on Professionalcar.org.



We want you to write about what you enjoy in regards to professional cars.  Technical articles, interesting stories, funny experiences with your coach.  Whatever gets you fired up about professional cars.

We don’t have any requirements for how often you write either. The only specific “request” that I have is that any post that you write for us be accompanied with some sort of media (IE: video or images), to provide some balance to the text.  People LOVE to see what you are talking about in your article.


Site Feedback

Additionally, I’d like your feedback on how the site is put together and organized.  What do you want to see what we dont have right now?  What could you do without as much of?  What makes you keep coming back and visiting us?  What can we do better overall on the site?  And if you feel like there isn’t a category that fits what you want to write about, or you have a non-commercial link to some site that you think would be interesting to the general membership here, please let me know. Your ideas are always more than welcome.


Any other questions, shoot me an email and let me know. Thanks again for offering to add to and expand the site! Let us know if you’d like to help out and write for Professionalcar.org. Email webmaster(at)professionalcar.org
I really hope you enjoy your time here!

-Dean N

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