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Technical Info: Proper Wire Selection

Proper Wire Selection. By: Kevin O’Connell, B&M Siren Here’s a scenario that is all too often repeated: I get a phone call from a perplexed person; “I just put a beacon on my ambulance, and it hardly turns!” “The bulbs are dim, aren’t they?” I ask. “Yeah, the bulbs are really dim! What’s wrong?” Or,…

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Its supposed to be Fun!

It’s supposed to be fun people! The Professional Car Hobby has fought an uphill battle since it began. The cars we love and admire are usually looked at by the masses as strange, morbid, or just plain creepy most times. Our vehicles are curiosities at the best of times and a reminder of traumatic times…

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Customized Professional Cars

Customized Professional Cars By Louis C. Farah While the classic car world will always have those pristine factory stock and original cars as the foundation of the hobby, there is a completely different segment of collectible vehicle hobby that is just as strong as ever. In fact, it is this segment that receives just as…

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History: Vintage Medical Devices

Did Those Old Medical Devices Really Work? by Louis Farah Many years ago I attended a Los Angeles County paramedic update class. These are a part of my yearly continuing education that introduces new medical procedures for field use and/or any changes to county protocols. Sitting with a bunch of old salts like myself that…

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