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SEMA Show 2012 – “Thundertaker” Hearse

Most car folks know that every year there is a huge automotive show that is held in Las Vegas. And while its the largest automotive trade show anywhere, its not open to the public. Its a trade only show. We were lucky enough this year to secure passes to attend, and while there were literally…

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Drive it like you stole it.

One of the advantages of learning how to do a good chunk of the work on your own car is that when something does go wrong with it, you generally have some idea how to fix it yourself.  I’ve spent the last few years learning all sorts of fun skills that relate to my old…

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Want to Participate?

Interested in contributing to the site? Look, the idea here is really simple. Want to write for Send us some mail, and let us know what you’d like to write about and if your topic is relevant and interesting, then pretty much the answer is going to be yes.  It’s really that easy. If…

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Federal Electronic Sirens

Federal’s ‘Director’ and ‘Interceptor’ Electronic Sirens By: Leslie Erlich So you found a 1970 Superior/Cadillac 54′ high headroom ambulance that is rusting away and you want to restore it to the way it was when it was new.   The beacon and siren are long gone but you have a idea of what type of warning…

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