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Electronic Sirens – A discussion.

Electronic Sirens on Emergency Vehicles ANOTHER “FAILED EXPERIMENT” FROM THE SIXTIES? By Kevin O’Connell Are you still wearing corduroy bell bottoms? Nehru jackets? Beatle boots? Shag haircuts? Paisley shirts? Ben Franklin sunglasses? Do you still refer to a raincoat and wading boots as turnouts? Do people still ride your tailboards with impunity? Listening to “Boss…

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Acme Livery Service

Motorcars were a relatively new mode of transportation at the dawn of the Twentieth Century and, although automobiles had been around for several years, private automobile ownership was still something only for the rich or well established businesses…something the average Joe could only dream of. With the advent of the Ford Model T in October…

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History: Vintage Medical Devices

Did Those Old Medical Devices Really Work? by Louis Farah Many years ago I attended a Los Angeles County paramedic update class. These are a part of my yearly continuing education that introduces new medical procedures for field use and/or any changes to county protocols. Sitting with a bunch of old salts like myself that…

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Drive it like you stole it.

One of the advantages of learning how to do a good chunk of the work on your own car is that when something does go wrong with it, you generally have some idea how to fix it yourself.  I’ve spent the last few years learning all sorts of fun skills that relate to my old…

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