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Movie and Television Ambulances

Movie and Television Ambulances By Louis C. Farah The magic of Hollywood is something that I am very familiar with. I grew-up in the Los Angeles community of Toluca Lake, just a stone’s throw away from Universal, Warner Brothers and Walt Disney Studios and saw my fair share of television shows and movies filmed throughout…

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A Henney Story

A Henney Story By Louis C. Farah With Special thanks to Thomas A. McPherson. The Henney Motor Company started life as a carriage and buggy builder in the late 1800’s. As the automobile began to take shape in the early part of the 20th Century, the company operated as the John W. Henney Company. Their…

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Its Showtime!

Its Showtime! By Louis C. Farah The smell of freshly cut grass, the bright sunshine and the roar of a throaty engine signals the start of yet another season of classic and vintage car shows across the country. And nowhere is that experience more prevalent than right here in sunny Southern California. Blessed with incredible…

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Clint Cole, “The one man Miller show”

Cole-Miller Coach Company. Clint Cole, “The one man Miller show” Born April 13, 1912 Clint passed away on March 22, 1995. Mr. Cole had previously worked for a Pratt & Whitney Company before venturing out to find work with A.J. Miller. Mr. Cole was originally hired by Leonard Robb who was the president of the…

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