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Owners Pride – Sarah Snook

Welcome to the brand new “Owners Pride” feature here at We want to give give Professional car owners an opportunity to share their unique stories with the world. We all love these cars. Here is your chance to tell us why! Sarah Snook Ohio 1966 Miller Meteor Cadillac Duplex “Patty Hearse” Ever since I…

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History: Funeral directors & Ambulance Service

Why Did The Funeral Director Quit The Ambulance Business? By: Jim Crabtree Why exactly did the funeral director quit the ambulance business?  This is a question that I have wondered about for a long time.  The old adages about the lack of care or lack of interest and training do not hold-up to the fact…

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Its Showtime!

Its Showtime! By Louis C. Farah The smell of freshly cut grass, the bright sunshine and the roar of a throaty engine signals the start of yet another season of classic and vintage car shows across the country. And nowhere is that experience more prevalent than right here in sunny Southern California. Blessed with incredible…

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Federal Electronic Sirens

Federal’s ‘Director’ and ‘Interceptor’ Electronic Sirens By: Leslie Erlich So you found a 1970 Superior/Cadillac 54′ high headroom ambulance that is rusting away and you want to restore it to the way it was when it was new.   The beacon and siren are long gone but you have a idea of what type of warning…

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