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Acme Livery Service

Motorcars were a relatively new mode of transportation at the dawn of the Twentieth Century and, although automobiles had been around for several years, private automobile ownership was still something only for the rich or well established businesses…something the average Joe could only dream of. With the advent of the Ford Model T in October 1908 and its low cost and fast a … [Read More...]

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Clint Cole, “The one man Miller show”

Cole-Miller Coach Company. Clint Cole, “The one man Miller show” Born April 13, 1912 Clint passed away on March 22, 1995. Mr. Cole had previously worked for a Pratt & Whitney Company before venturing out to find work with A.J. Miller. … [Read More...]


Barbie Dream Hearse

There is usually a darkness that hangs over old used hearses and anyone who would want to privately own one. The mind automatically conjures up some form of morbid and ghoulish Addams Family type of display along with a tall slender person dressed all in … [Read More...]