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Its Showtime!

Its Showtime! By Louis C. Farah The smell of freshly cut grass, the bright sunshine and the roar of a throaty engine signals the start of yet another season of classic and vintage car shows across the country. And nowhere is that experience more prevalent than right here in sunny Southern California. Blessed with incredible…

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Owners Pride – Mark Christy

  My 1959 S&S High Body Ambulance By Mark Christy – The lineage on my 1959 S&S High Body Ambulance is somewhat vague. It had a “trip log” book when I bought it, but unfortunately, the restoration shop lost it (oops). At the time, and based on the trip log, the fully intact interior,…

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Electronic Sirens – A discussion.

Electronic Sirens on Emergency Vehicles ANOTHER “FAILED EXPERIMENT” FROM THE SIXTIES? By Kevin O’Connell Are you still wearing corduroy bell bottoms? Nehru jackets? Beatle boots? Shag haircuts? Paisley shirts? Ben Franklin sunglasses? Do you still refer to a raincoat and wading boots as turnouts? Do people still ride your tailboards with impunity? Listening to “Boss…

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Ready for service.

Owners Pride – Sarah Snook

Welcome to the brand new “Owners Pride” feature here at We want to give give Professional car owners an opportunity to share their unique stories with the world. We all love these cars. Here is your chance to tell us why! Sarah Snook Ohio 1966 Miller Meteor Cadillac Duplex “Patty Hearse” Ever since I…

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