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Physician’s Exchange, The history of a great ambulance company.

Physicians Exchange Inc Kansas City Missouri “The history of a great Ambulance Company” Mable Mallon was one of the first Red Cross nurses at Fort Riley during the WWI flu pandemic and missed coming down with the flu herself but during her time at Fort Riley she became a great card player. Physicians Exchange was…

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SEMA Show 2012 – “Thundertaker” Hearse

Most car folks know that every year there is a huge automotive show that is held in Las Vegas. And while its the largest automotive trade show anywhere, its not open to the public. Its a trade only show. We were lucky enough this year to secure passes to attend, and while there were literally…

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VALLASTRO’S MINIATURE HEARSES By Michael Petti If you are reading this, then you probably have an appreciation for the fine hand craftsmanship that went into fabricating hearses and flower cars. You will also in all likelihood value the superbly crafted work Otto Vallastro has done creating hearses and flower cars into miniature. Photos do not…

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Acme Livery Service

Motorcars were a relatively new mode of transportation at the dawn of the Twentieth Century and, although automobiles had been around for several years, private automobile ownership was still something only for the rich or well established businesses…something the average Joe could only dream of. With the advent of the Ford Model T in October…

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