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Community Ambulance and the infamous “Tuna Trucks”

Community Ambulance and the infamous “Tuna Trucks” Kansas City MO C.W. "Charlie" Sievers was laying tile floors for a living in the late 1950’s. He had a contract where he laid the decorative entrance floors in the VA Hospitals. 
While on a trip back home from work one afternoon Charlie witnessed a serious automobile accident. Helping the inured people that were involved i … [Read More...]

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Barbie Dream Hearse

There is usually a darkness that hangs over old used hearses and anyone who would want to privately own one. The mind automatically conjures up some form of morbid and ghoulish Addams Family type of display along with a tall slender person dressed all in … [Read More...]


Drive it like you stole it.

One of the advantages of learning how to do a good chunk of the work on your own car is that when something does go wrong with it, you generally have some idea how to fix it yourself.  I've spent the last few years learning all sorts of fun skills that relate … [Read More...]